Sri Matangi (Shyamala)Stotram


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Matangi is the aspect of Devi (in other words, the Mahavidya) who is the patron of inner thought and speech. She guides her devotee to the incaused primordial sound. Matangi has three eyes and either a dark emerald or dark blue complexion. The Goddess Meenakshi at Madurai is worshipped as Mathangi. Matangi is considered the daughter of Rishi Matanga.She emerges as an aspect of Sati, spouse of Siva and the daughter of Daksa, in the mythic cylcle known as the Daksayajna. Siva attempts to prevent Sati from attending a sacrifice (yajna) Her father is conducting and to which neither He or She was invited. Daksa was forced to accept Her marriage toSiva but later rejected Siva and the marriage. Enraged by Siva's interference, She first shows Herself as Kali and then manifests nine other forms.

Traditionally appearing in the cycle after Bhagalamukhi, Matangi is associated with the full moon, the 'night of intoxication'. She is depicted as dark (blue-black or dark emerald), very beautiful, sensuous with very large breasts, slender waist and long, flowing hair. She holds a goad, a noose, a sword and a sarod. These items may vary somewhat in different traditions. She grants control over all forms of speech, especially poetry, and music. Therefore, She is associated with the throat chakra. As the daughter of the the Rishi Matanga (lit. 'elephant') She is associated with vast and expansive knowledge. She is further closely associated with Sarasvati.

Matangi is said to be born as a chandala or 'outcaste' (lit. outside the Hindu caste system). Her father was a chandala who was raised as a Brahman (see Ramayana). This likely suggests Her origin as a tribal or non-Vedic deity. Her mantra includes seed syllables for the manifestation of the Great Goddess in the world, attainment of all desires, protection by the sacred fire (destroys negativity and provides grace), sound that disrupts threatening forces and liberation from the world.



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Artist: Sriturlapati
Video title: Sri Matangi (Shyamala)Stotram
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