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Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Movie

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Muhammed, (ca. 570 Mecca -- June 8, 632 Medina),[6] is the central human figure of the religion of Islam and is regarded by Muslims as the messenger and prophet of God (Arabic:الله‎ Allāh), the last and the greatest in a series of prophets of Islam. Muslims consider him the restorer of the uncorrupted original monotheistic faith (islām) of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Noah and other prophets of Islam.[7][8][9] He was also active as a diplomat, merchant, philosopher, orator, legislator, reformer, military general, and, according to Muslim belief, an agent of divine action.[10] Born in 570 CE in the Arabian city of Mecca,[11] he was orphaned at a young age and was brought up under the care of his uncle. He later worked mostly as a merchant, and was first married by age 26. Discontented with life in Mecca, he retreated to a cave in the surrounding mountains for meditation and reflection. According to Islamic beliefs it was here, at age 40, in the month of Ramadan, where he received his first revelation from God. Three years after this event Muhammad started preaching these revelations publicly, proclaiming that "God is One", that complete "surrender" to Him (lit. islām) is the only way (dīn)[12] acceptable to God, and that he himself was a prophet and messenger of God, in the same vein as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and other prophets in Islam.[13][14][9] Muhammad gained few followers early on, and was met with hostility from some tribes of Mecca; he was treated...



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