Photoshop Elements Animating Tutorial

Photoshop: Animation

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*READ PLEASE YA PUNKS!* I decided to make this when I noticed there were so many other Amateur animators like me here on Youtube. I've noticed quite a bit of them make their animations via Windows Movie Maker which I always thought seemed rather difficult and lacking in quality. I highly recommend that if you don't already have ImageReady or a Flash program that you should at least get a PS Elements. They are very cheap in comparison to higher versions of Photoshops, ranging from $30-80 where-as the newest version, CS3, ranges from $600-1000. So its quite a good deal and mine works wonders. Only real lacking points in it are your limit of frames (which might vary in higher Elements versions) and the colors aren't as high as they could be which makes anything gradient look absolutely horrid. Hopefully this made sense! --- Note: Even if it seems easy you have to remember that animating takes a lot of work and you have to have a passion for it, its not just something you can do in 2 seconds and its brilliant. So don't be lazy and if you find you can't do it maybe animating isn't for you. Song: Replace Me by Family Force 5



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Artist: Photoshop: Animation
Video title: Photoshop Elements Animating Tutorial
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