Indian Air Force Mil Mi 24 / Mi 35

Indian Air Force

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The original platform id MI 24..After modifiction the export verson of MI 24 is renamed as MI 35 .. Presently the latest verson of MI 35 is MI 35 M .. It has advanced tai rotar system .. Two blade with two different mounted plane..other than this the Head Display controlled main turret gun and latest night vision techniques are the advantage in MI 35 MMi-35M - Upgraded helicopter created on the basis of the serial Mi-35 helicopter in order to provide round-the-clock accomplishment of combat missions, to enhance firepower and improve its tactical-technical characteristics. Much more up-to-date Mi-35M model was adopted in the Armed Forces in 2006. The helicopter is fitted with a 9K113K round-the-clock guided weapons complex, which includes an OPS-24N observation-sight system, and an up-to-date airborne radio electronic equipment complex. In 2005 within the scope of interstate relations with Latin-American countries a contract on supplying to Venezuela a batch of helicopters consisting of eight Mi-35M and one Mi-26T was signed. This agreement was a result of negotiations on a project of purchasing Russian helicopters by Venezuela for forming a fast response helicopter battalion which will include 33 helicopters: twenty Mi-17V-5, ten Mi-35M and three Mi-26T. Rostvertol officials say the Mi-35M's new rotor system, which is taken from the prototypes of the next generation Mi-28 assault helicopter (also is built at the Rostov-based company), increases the flight altitude up to 5,000 meters. Similar to Mi-24PN, the upgraded Mi-35 has new engines and enhanced armor. Although Mil designers have initially equipped the aircraft with the Russian navigation and fire control systems, foreign avionics can also be installed upon customer request. [Previously, the Mi-35M designation was applied to an export counterpart of Mi-24M / Mi-24VM / Mi-24PM `Hind-E' - Upgraded night-capable version of Mi-24/35 designed to meet the latest air mobility requirements of the Russian Army. Modernization of Mi-24(35) type helicopters, the Mi-35M is an upgraded Mi-24 featuring the Mi-28's rotors and transmission, a twin barrel 23mm cannon and 91K114-9 Ataka advanced anti armor missiles, Sextant Avionique of France avionics and displays and Thomson-TTD Chlio FLIR ball.] The IAF currently operates two Mi-25/35 Helicopter Squadrons (No.104 Firebirds and No.125 Gladiators) and has a requirement for at least another unit. SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) reports that 15 helicopters of this type were ordered from Kyrgyzstan in 1994 and were delivered by 1995. The designation is uncertain (Mi-25 or Mi-35) and are apparently second-hand/re-furbished helicopters.The first unit to fly the Mi-25s was No.125 Helicopter Squadron, "The Gladiators", raised in November 1983. This was followed by No.104 Squadron, "Pioneer Rotarians aka Firebirds", in 1990.



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