Yeh Raat - Bollywood Horror Movie - Krishna & Monica

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Watch Bollywood Horror Movie Yeh Raat. Director : Chintu, Cast : Krishna, Monica, Mendhi, Shiva, Music by Kanwar Bharti, Produced by Alok Rajput.Synopsis: Yeh Raat is a thriller movie where all the college friends go to Khandala to celebrate a friends birthday. Rahul and Rani are on their way to Khandala where their car gets spoilt in between and are stuck in the middle of the jungle. Then Rahul leaves in search of a guest house and he then finds one in the middle. Rani his girlfriend then follows him and reaches the place. The next day they go for the birthday party at Dolly's bungalow who has been Rahul's ex- Girlfriend. Dolly takes Rahul in her room and tries to woe him but Rahul leaves from there. Rani soon is aware about this situation and leaves from the party but Rahul tries and convinces her. That night Rani is taking a shower and suddenly she hears some sound and goes to the window, where she sees a soul and screams. Will Rani be safe?



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