Karz - Rishi Kapoor & Simi Garewal

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Ravi Verma (Raj Kiran) and Kamini (Simi Garewal) are in love with each other and plan to get married. Sir Juda (Prem Nath), wants to take over the vast estate of Ranimaa, and finds out that he can only do so with the help of Ravi's girlfriend Kamini. Sir Juda tells Kamini about the plan, wherein she will marry Ravi and thereafter kill him accidentally, and Kamini agrees to do so. After Ravi's death Ranimaa is devastated, and Sir Juda takes over the vast estate. Ravi is reborn as Monty (Rishi Kapoor) - a popular singer now. He plans to go for a holiday to Ooty, where he recollects about his previous life's memories which disturb him. Now he enquires about these memories and reaches Ranimaa's estate. It is then that he realizes the reason and motive of his re-birth. Upon realisation, he decides to avenge his death and bring back his family's lost glory by putting Kamini and others behind bars. Will Monty suceed in his endeavor or will Kamini and Sir Juda crush him to death once again?



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