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Dhanna Bhagat Hindi: धन्ना भगत also called Dhanna Jaat Hindi: धन्‍ना जाट (born 1415) was a Hindu Bhagat. He was born in the village of Dhuan Kalan near Deoli city, in the Tonk district of Rajasthan, but his name does not appears in the writings of Kabir or Ravidas. The earliest mention of his name is in Mira Bai's songs that proclaims how Dhanna grew cereals without sowing seed. The Guru Granth Sahib includes three of Dhana's hymns. "Loving devotion," says Dhanna in his sabda in Raga Asa, "is now fixed in my heart and thereby have I found solace and fulfilment. In whose heart is light divine manifested he alone recognizeth the Immaculate One." He was initiated by Ramananda.*******Divine powers of Dhanna BhagatThere are a number of myths about the divine powers of Dhanna Bhagat. One such states that once he was ploughing his fields. Large number of sanyasis came to him and demanded food. He gifted all the seed kept for sowing to them and ploughed fields without seeds. The fields produced no food grains but the gourds. When Jagirdar came to collect the levy he offered two gourds. The Jagirdar broke the gourds and found that they were full of pearls. धन्‍ना जाट का हरिसों हेत, Dhanna Jat ka Harison het, बिना बीज के निपजा खेत। Bina Beej ke Nopaja khet. Meaning - Dhanna Jat had so much love with God that fields produced foodgrain without seeds.



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