Jai Kali Ma - Tu Hi Durga Tu Hi Kaali (Religious Movie) [HD]

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PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. This is a short clip in Hindi of Kali Ma from the 110-minute devotional movie Tu Hi Durga Tu Hi Kaali, directed by Rama Narayanan. The movie demonstrates that God truly responds to the great devotion of Her devotees. Blessings, Acharyaji JAI KALI MAKAALEE KAVACHAMThe Armor of Kaalee (recite daily for protection)The Respected Eternal Lord Shiva said:Now I say that Kaalee Kavach, the one which Lord Brahmaa had uttered for invoking Mahaakaalee for eliminating the darkness.Lord Shiva, the victor of all the three realms, Mahaashiva is the narrator of this Kaalee Kavach. Its meter is anushtup and its deity is Mahaakaalee, the eliminator of all the darkness.The seed mantra of maayaa is the seed. Beauty is the energy that lifts to gladness. Kreem is the pin and the perfect attainment and protection of desires is the application for which it is widely known.Hreem, may the Foremost protect my head. Shreem, may the Goddess Devee who eliminates darkness protect my face. Kreem, may the Supreme Energy repose in my heart as the source of all strength. May the Greater than the Greatest repose in my throat to protect ever my voice.O Goddess, Creator of the Perceivable Universe, please repose in my eyes to protect my vision. O Goddess of peace, Devee Shankaree, may You protect my ears. May the Goddess Mahaamaaya, the ultimate Measurement of Consciousness, protect my nose. O welfare endower, may you protect my tongue and taste.O Goddess of all piety, Kaumaaree Devee, please protect my teeth. O Goddess who resides in the lotus, Kamalaamayee, may You protect my cheeks. O Goddess of forgiveness, Kshamaamayee, may You protect my lips, and O Chaaruhaasinee, protect my chin.O Param Mahaamaayee! May You protect my neck, and She who is the manifestation of all the noble sentiments of altruism, protect my upper back. May the Goddess who is the grantor of all strength protect both my arms, and O giver of non-duality, Kaivalyadaayinee, protect both my hands.May the extremely fierce one protect both my shoulders. May the illuminator of the three worlds protect my back. May She who is indivisible from any side ensure my protection from every side, and may She who exists in all power and capability protect my waist.May the Goddess with great eyes protect my navel region. May the Goddess of light, Prabhaavatee, protect my private region. May the Goddess who is all welfare, Kalyaanee, protect my thigh region, and may Paarvatee Herself protect both my feet.Victory to thee, Durgaa Devee! Please protect my life breath and all the Siddhis that I possess. May She who grants all achievement protect my whole body. May She also protect all those my parts that have not been mentioned in this prayer or that are not mentionable.May I always stay under the protection of that Devee who is the foremost eternal Divine Mother, She who removes all the darkness. This whole universe is the exposition of Her manifestation, She Who is the victor of all the three realms.This is the Kavach of that Devee Kaalee who removes all darkness and who is the Eternal Divine Mother.The aspirant who recites this Kavach with full feeling every morning after respectfully invoking the Goddess has all desires fulfilled. With total surrender unto the Goddess he gets the most complete attainment of perfection, and with limited offerings or surrender he receives limited rewards.Those who recite this Kavach have their desires fulfilled; the issueless get children, the moneyless get riches, and the students get good education. Thus they who read this Kavach get their ambitions realized.Reciting this Kavach a thousand times is equivalent to completing the homa offering.This Kavach if written on the bark of the birch tree with a sandalwood piece, wood-apple scent, red vermilion, and red sandalwood powder mixed to a paste, would give much reward to the person who wears it.When worn on the crown of the head, at the upper right arm, at the throat, or on the waist, Kaalikaa Devee yields to such a person and bestows the desired results.The reading of this Kavach removes all the fears of the aspirant and grants him victory everywhere. Such a person remains free from infirmities and is long-aged; even those who are weak become strong.Such a native becomes an erudite scholar well versed in all scriptural disciplines. He develops a sharp and powerful brain. He receives protection in the entire world, becomes established in enjoyment, and surely receives salvation (Moksha). This way he passes his entire life in prosperity and happiness.Now you are capable of knowing this supreme knowledge, which destroys all the filth of this Age of Darkness and removes all the darkness of ignorance.



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