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Registry Edits for Windows XP "Tweaks and Tips"

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To use the Regedits:  Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt. REG files can be viewed in Notepad by right clicking on the file and selecting Edit.

To use the VBS Files: Download .vbs file and save it to your hard drive (you may want to right click and use Save Target As).  Double
click  the vbs file. You will be prompted when the script is done.

NOTE: If your anti-virus software warns you of  a "malicious" script, this is normal if you have "Script Safe" or similar technology enabled.  These scripts are not malicious, but they do make changes to the System Registry.

Disclaimer:  These registry edits and script files are presented "as is".  Every effort has been made to ensure the files work as stated.  I assume no responsibility for your use of these files.

1. Add XP TweakUI Icon to the Control Panel Add ControlUserPasswords2 To Control Panel - Remove
2. Increase Folder View Size Limit to 8000 Add Folder to Start Menu - Replace MP or MM
3. Restore Missing Toolbars EXE or VBS Disable CD AutoRun for Home or Pro
4. Repairs the Icon View Set Numlock State On or Off at Startup
5. Restore Safely Remove Hardware Icon Enable/Disable Administrator on Welcome Screen
6.   Restore System Default Sounds Fix the Ding.Wav File
7.   Increase Balloon Tip Display Time Change Registered Owner and Organization
8.   Release/Renew Bat File Remove Internet Explorer Branding
9.   Disable the Windows Logo Keys Restore OE to the E-mail List in Internet Options
10. Enable CD AutoPlay for Pro Disable Media Player Update Message
11. Enable/Disable Balloon Tips or Disable All Disable Media Players Play List
12. EXE (lnk and regfile) Fix for Windows XP Link File Fix for Windows XP
13. Disable "No Computers Near Me" Restore IE AutoComplete Password Prompt
14. Uninstall/Reinstall NetMeeting Remove/Disable CD Burning Capability
15. Remove Common Tasks from the Desktop Disable Search Assistant - Undo
16. Active Desktop - Enable or Disable Add Recent Documents to the Classic Menu
17. Restore AutoPlay Icon Restore Thumbnail Views in XP
18. Add Google as Primary Search - Undo Search Opens When Double Clicking A Folder
19. Add Outlook Express as Default Client Correct the Sort Order in Windows XP
20. Restore IE Desktop Shortcut Icon Functions Disable the File Menu in Windows Explorer
21. Disable System Beeps Add Empty Recycle Bin to the Right Click
22. Hide Users on Welcome Screen - Unhide Disable the Security Tab - Hardware Tab
23. Run Startup Programs from the CMD Prompt Allow or Disable CD Burn Options
24. Remove File/Edit/View....  Restore  Clear Search History under Search
25. Prompt for Password on Resume - Undo Open With Notepad for Files with No Extension
26. Add Command Line to the Right Click Disable Internet Search for File Extensions
27. Secure Desktop - Undo Remove Set Program Access & Defaults - Undo
28. Control Panel Icons are Missing Windows Update Restriction Error (Network)
29. Run Command - Reinstalling Internet Explorer Disable Getting Started Welcome Screen - Logon
30. Windows XP Doesn't Save User Settings Change Associations from the Run Command
31. Windows XP Startup - Boot Performance Disable Changes Made to the Start Menu - Undo
32. KeepRas Connection (FUS) Exe or Reg Remove the Search Button
33. Remove Toolbars from Taskbar Right Click Remove Users Folder From the Start Menu
34. Restore Fast User Switching Super Fast Switcher PowerToy (Winkey + Q)
35. Creates copies of REGEDIT, MSCONFIG and Task Manager Drive Rescue - Undelete and Data Recovery Tool
36. Recover and Restore Deleted Files User Profile Hive Cleanup Service
37. Clear Form Fields in AutoComplete AutoComplete Mode Enabled or Disabled
38. Set Auto Disconnect Back to Default Remove Added Links from the Tool Menu
39. AutoRuns - All Programs Running Boot/Login Delete an Undeletable File in Windows XP
40. Enhance CMD Quick Edit Options XP Info - Verifies Activation Components
41. Disable the Indexing Service (cisvc.exe) Clear Recent File Lists
42. Hide the Common Dialog Places Bar Remove CD Burning Features - Undo
43. Hide the Display List of Recent Files Hide the Common Dialog Back Button
44. Add Switch User to the Start Button & RC Remove  Access to all Windows Update Features
45. Add Copy To/Move To (Right Click) - Undo Restore the Welcome Screen - Gina.Dll Error
46. Content Advisor On (Place in Startup Folder) Content Advisor Off (Place in Startup Folder)
47. Regedit - Save to Favorites Regedit - Clear Last State
48. Disable Windows Installer Rollback Disk Cleanup/All tmp-Compress Old Files Freezes-Undo
49. Old Style Search Engine On or Off Add Toolbar to Outlook Express (OETool)
50. Clear History of Typed URL's Prevent My Documents and Recent Documents
51. ScreenSaver Disable/Enable or Tab Missing Enable the Task Manager - Disable Task Manager
52. Shutdown.Exe - Andrej Budja Add a Website Link to the Start Menu
53. Remove Past Items From Notification Area Hide or Show Inactive Icons -  Notification Area
54. Restore Admin Tools (.msc) Save Settings on Exit - Don't Save Settings
55. Restore Recent Documents, My Documents Increase Internet Explorer Downloads to 10 - Undo
56. Remove Files Stored on this Computer Undo Enable or Disable Right Click Context Menu
57. Restore winhlp32.exe for XP or XPSP1 Restore the Run Command
58. Recovery Console Fix for XP SP1 Restore User Default Pictures
59. Disable Messenger in Outlook Express Remove "For Testing Purposes Only" - Desktop
60. Email Page - IE (right click) w/ Clickable Link Correct IE Window Placement (Reg or VBS)
61. Change Provided By in IE Restore/Add Show Desktop to Quick Launch Bar
62. Disable the Desktop Cleanup Wizard - Undo Separate Process for the Desktop and Explorer
63. Home Page Lock - Home Page Unlock Start Page Guard for Internet Explorer
64. Reset OE for Send To , Mail To , Send Mail Replace/Repair the Recycle Bin in Windows XP
65. Disable Low Disk Space Message Search Google  Address Bar, Q#'s, MS-KB, TN
66. Error 1606 ... Access Network Location Prevent Programs from Stealing Focus - Undo
67. Run Scheduled Tasks w/o PW Home - Undo Enable Show Status Bar
68. Set Volume Per Program/Application Page Cannot be Found and/or DNS/Server Error
69. Reuse Same Window Internet Explorer-Undo Startup/Shutdown/Logon/Logoff Status Messages
70. Search is Missing from the Start Menu - To remove Clear Recent Documents or Undo
71. Speed up Moving or Copying Zip Files WinFile.Exe
72. Enable/Disable Desktop Icons SendTo Any Folder and SendTo Clipboard
73. Enable or Disable Personalized Menus - Start Enable or Disable Personalized Menus - Favorites
74. AVI Search Remove - Restore Network Places Missing from the Start Menu
75. Search Shows Yellow Triangle with ! MS Windows File Extension Identifier
76. Power Off or Reboot After Shutdown Auto End Tasks to Enable a Proper Shutdown - Undo
77. Disable "Log on using dial-up connection" Uninstall NetMeeting
78. Common Tasks View - Disable or Enable Enable or Disable Winkeys
79. Speedup Browsing (Explorer and IE)  Undo Speedup Network Logon/Boot
80. Disable or Restore Picture and Fax Viewer Enable the Welcome Screen
81. Increase Slide Show Timeout Disable Pop-Up Error Messages Upon Boot
82. Disable or Enable Check Disk Upon Boot Change Program File Directory
83. Change File Time Created/Modified/Accessed Properties Missing From My Computer
84. Restore Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr) Windows Installer Logging or Cleanup Utility
85. Set Detail View for all Folders Open/Save As Restore Compressed Zipped Folders Association
86. Taskbar Grouping by # or Least , Most Used Shortcut to Search
87. Dial-up Modem or PPPoE is Unavailable Check E-Mail from Anywhere
88. Set Default Web Browser in Windows Hide Inactive Icons and More
89. Easy Log Off, Shutdown or Lock Find File Information (Name, Version and Path)
90. Expand ReadMe.Txt Zip Files w/o Opening Read Reg, VBS Edits w/o Opening (also File info)
91. Disable or Enable AutoDial Customize Folder Shell Extensions
92. Show Full URL Path links in IE Status Bar Change Online Support Link under IE/Help
93. Logon Using a Dial-Up Connection Prompt Remove Links folder from IE/Favorites - Undo
94. Windows Installer Fix - Winnt for Windows Enable Notepad Status Bar with Word Wrap
95. Disable Messenger Service (Pop-up Spam) Change the Warning Message in Messenger
96. Disable Control/Alt/Delete Add SpellChecker & Button to Internet Explorer
97. Decrease the Size of Taskbar Buttons - Undo Increase the Size of Taskbar Buttons - Undo
98. Enable/Disable LogOff - Classic or New Create Start Up List or Start Up Log
99. Restore the Task Bar to Default Settings Security Hotfix Checker Tool
100. Disable Unread Mail on the Welcome Screen - Undo Check and Open Desktop Paths or MP or MM
101. Prevent IE History Being Removed - Undo Disable Show My Pictures Toolbar in IE
102. Hide System Desktop Icons  Hide IE Icon from the Desktop Toolbar
103. Enable Mouse Snap To Option/Function - Undo Save As - Disable: Back, MRU and Places Bar
104. Remote Task Manager Active Registry Monitor
105. Disable Remote Dial-Up Connections Disable "Save As" File History
106. Lock Default Browser Restore Hide Underlined Letters - Keyboard Nav
107. Change the Sort Order back to Pre-XP Restore the Device Manager
108. FavesToGo - Save Favorites Quickly FavOrg - Restore and Save Favorite Icons
109. Change Computer Name Empty Temporary Internet Files on Exit
110. Add Message above User Name & Password Add Dialog Box/Message to Logon and Shutdown
111. Restore Run As - Which user account issue Change the Name of the Start Button
112. Add "Log Folder Contents" to SendTo Menu Show File Information
113. Enable the Task Manager - Disable - Repair BootVis  - Performance Trace Visualization Tool
114. Redirect Help and Support to a link of choice - Undo Enable Reinstallation of Internet Explorer or OE
115. Rename/Remove the Recycle Bin Read/Find your Product ID Number
116. Prevent Spyware from Being Installed Show All Hidden Devices in the Device Manager
117. Restore Taskbar and Start Menu Add Trillian to the Tools Menu and Toolbar in IE
118. Change Notification Error Wave File Add Folders to the "Save As" Dialog - Undo
119. Change the Hard Drive Icon Change the Folder Icon &/or Opened Folder Icon
120. Mouse/Left Hand Users Undo - Welcome Screen List My Computer or My Documents or  Desktop First
121. Increase Icon Cache Change Icon Wrap to One Line on the Desktop
122. Show All Bitmap Views IE/Windows Update - Change Text or Remove
123. Add Notepad as a Right Click Item Disable Changes to File Associations - Undo
124. Add Explore CD-Rom to Start Button (R/C) Add a Folder to the Start Button - Right Click
125. List Page File Location, Min and Max System Up Time
126. Show Boot Configuration(s) View Log Events by Code or List or Clear
127. Disable Windows File Protection Show Super Hidden File Extensions - Undo
128. Task Bar Lock - Task Bar Unlock Restore Desktop and Screensaver Tabs
129. Restore Folder Options Under Tools Control the F Lock Key Functionality State/Status
130. Add a Folder to My Computer and Desktop Add Clipboard to the Control Panel
131. Disable the Shutdown Command/Enable Change My Computer Name to User Name-Undo
132. Change and/or Add an HTML Editor Disable Searched Word Being Highlighted in Blue
133. Restore Most Frequently Used - Undo Replace AM & PM (Clock) with word of Choice
134. Hide All Notification Area Icons - Undo Hide the Clock in the Notification Area - Undo
135. Clear Read-Only Attributes Restore Accessibility Options to Default Settings
136. Search for All File Types Show IP Address on the Desktop, plus more.
137. Remove "Open With" from Context Menu Disable Stand-by:  Per User or Per System
138. New Folder Hotkey - SM, Desktop, Specify Google Search from IE's Right-Click Menu
139. Restore Zip Folders to Default in XP Add to or Modify the "New" Menu Listings
140. Rename Files and Folders En Masse Show Slide Show of Attached Pictures in OE
141. Help, CHM, HH Checker/Fixer Add a Custom Splash Screen for User Logon's
142. Disable the Script Debugger in IE Allow Wallpaper/Background Changes - Disable
143. Enable or Disable the Splash Screen for OE Enable or Disable the Splash Screen for IE
144. Clear Wallpaper Most Frequently Used List Add (OE) Send E-Mail to the Right Click
145. Control Panel - Classic or Category View Clear NetMeeting Call History
146. Retrieve the Class Name for a File Extension Add or Remove Programs Restriction - Undo
147. Add Internet E-mail Message to New Menu Restore My Briefcase to the Desktop - Syncapp.Exe
148. Set All Search Options to Active - Undo Clear Disabled Items from Msconfig Startup & Selective
149. Clear Cache on Reboot Add Taskbar Grouping Options to the Start Menu
150. Add Open New Window to the Right Click Clear Last User on Boot Screen in XP - Undo
151. Rename "Search" on the Start Menu - Undo Set "Search" Advanced Options as Default
152. Rename "Run" on the Start Menu - Undo Rename "Help and Support" on Start Menu-Undo
153. Restore Missing "New" and Text Doc Change Size of Desktop Wallpaper to Suit - Undo
154. Disable Shut Down Per User Remove "All Programs" from Start Menu - Undo
155. Enable/Disable Show Hidden Files/Folders Repair Loss of Internet Access/Certain Web Sites
156. Disable SSPD and UPNP Services - Undo Clear the Run Command MRU List
157. Prevent Automatic Folder and Icon Refresh - Enable Prevent Delay Opening My Computer/Explorer
158. Change the Recycle Bin Icon - Undo Remove Throbber from IE & Explorer - Undo
159. Minimize Any Program to System Tray Add "Show Related Links" to Internet Explorer
160. Enable Monitor Power-off on Logon Screen Disable or Enable Pin to Start Menu - Right Click
161. Hide Start Menu Subfolders - Undo Restore: On Resume, Display Welcome Screen
162. Restore HTML, HTM, URL Thumb View Restore XML Thumbnail View
163. Restore Terminal Services Disable/Enable Caps Lock or the Insert Key
164. Restore Taskbar to Default Functionality Disable or Enable Always Ask Before Opening...
165. Disable/Enable Start Menu Subfolders Disable/Enable Run Keys Per User or Per System
166. Restore/Place Search on the Start Menu Add Icon Cache Size to Folder Options/View
167. Force Classic Start Menu - Undo Remove Send Feedback Menu Option
168. Clipboard Reader Read Host Files in Notepad
169. Shutdown Shortcut Enable or Disable Pinned Items on the Start Menu
170. Add Windows Explorer to the Right Click Expand "System" in the Start Menu/Control Panel
171. Enable or Disable Active Window Tracking Office XP Error 1706 - ProPlus.Msi Fix - O2K
172. Msinfo32 Batch File - To Gain Access Add System Information to the Right Click
173. Repair the Registry Editor Stops the Selective Startup Screen
174. Remove Added IE Toolbar Entries Restore Media Files
175. Restore Empty/Full Icons - Recycle Bin Restore Right Click .inf/Install
176. Add XP Google Group Search to IE Toolbar Add MS Knowledge Base to the IE Toolbar
177. Restore the Web Tab - Display Properties Restrict Changes from Being Made in OE - Undo
178. Restore the Go Button Disable Open in a New Window
179. Window Metrics - Shell Icon - Repair Windows Update Greyed Out - Restore
180. Add a Folder Under the Run Command Add Attributes/InfoTips to Files and Folders
181. Account SID Association (run w/ cscript) Network Login Profile (run with cscript)
182. User Account Information (run w/ cscript) Listing Local User Account Information (SID)
183. View Source - Restore Notepad as Default View Source - Add or Change Editor (Also for 6)
184. Disable Thumbnail Cache Restore Jdbgmgr.Exe (3805) For Build 3810
185. Remove Desktop Version from Desktop Remove Icon Shortcut Symbols - Restore
186. Restore Run As to the Right Click - Undo Show File and Folder Names Using Correct Case
187. Restore Themes Functionality Restore Luna Theme - Restore Classic Theme
188. Add or Remove - Administrator Error Add Save & Restore Desktop Layout to Menu
189. Correct DirectX 9 "Logo Error" Correct Windows Media Player 9 "Logo Error"
190. Hide Selected/Specific File Extension Paths Customize Auto Hide Taskbar Settings
191. Change CD/RW, DVD Name in Explorer Restore Paint
192. Change .bmp Default to Paint Restore the Toolbars From Being Greyed Out
193. Remove Hotfixes from Add or Remove Disable Messenger from Outlook
194. Disable Highlight New Programs - Undo Language Bar Remove - Restore
195. Restore Wallpaper Views Restore Desktop Icons and Taskbar
196. Sort All by Alphabet - Start Menu and Fav's - Undo Top 10 XP Most Frequently Asked Q & A
197. Display Simple Folder View - Undo Remove Shared Documents - Undo
198. Add Open Target Folder to Context Menu Enable or Disable Ctrl/Alt/Delete
199. Enable Folder and Icon Refresh Hide Recycle Bin on Desktop - Not from Explorer
200. Disable Save This Program to Disk Option Change Thumbnail View to 96 or 32
201. Restore marscore.dll Disable IE HTML Source Editor Check - Undo
202. Disable Notepad being listed under FUP Set Magnify Options Back to Default
203. Restore Display Icon in Control Panel Restore Right Click Properties
204. Force Auto Refresh - Undo Restore Power Schemes/Configurations
205. Backup DUN Settings Disable the Auto Logon Shift Override Feature
206. Hotbar - Explorer/New Freezes Remove Hand Icon for Shared Resources - Undo
207. Hide User Name in Start Menu - Undo Restore Properties - My Computer & Documents
208. Disable Update Device Driver Wizard  Undo Remove Add or Remove Restrictions - Undo
209. Remove "Shortcut to..." Prefix on Shortcuts Open Each Folder in New or Same Window
210. Allow Folder Names in Uppercase Change the Number of Recent Documents to 25
211. Restore Startup and Shutdown Sounds Disable Sticky Keys or Delete Sticky Keys
212. Disable - Use the Web Service to find ... Disable .Net Passport Balloon Pop-up - Restore
213. Disable or Enable Registry Editing Tools Display Mouse Pointer Trails - Undo
214. Windows/Buttons Greyed Out -Appearance Windows XP Style Changes to Windows Classic
215. Advanced Tab Missing in IE - Restore Set Folder Default to Open & Use Same Window - Explore
216. Set Toolbar Backgrounds back to Default Remove My Computer from Desktop/Start Menu
217. Set Stretch - Set Center - Set Both Highlight Text Blue - Set own Customized Color
218. Disable Save As MRU Restore Taskbar Grouping - Remove
219. Re-Run Missed Tasks Notification - Undo Remove the Display Icon from the Control Panel
220. Restore Open With on the Right Click Remove Overture Search Branding in IE
221. Set SnapTo and Mouse Trails as Default Restore System Information (Msinfo32)
222. Restore Address Bar Search - Google Restore Save As Web Page Complete
223. Align Drop Down Menu's to the Right Enable or Disable Storage of .Net Passwords
224. Show Control Panel on the Start Menu Restore Disk Management Snap-In Extension
225. Restore Folder Options/Internet Options - Disable Change the Logon Screen Saver Automatically
226. Remove the Taskbar Remove the White Space from Add or Remove
227. Set IE Text Font to Smaller or Larger Restore/Enable Screensaver Tab Settings/Display
228. Use Small Icons for Start Menu Programs Restore CMD.EXE
229. Set IE Search to Default Open TIF Images within Internet Explorer
230. Restore Group Policy Snap-in Wait is Greyed Out under Screen Saver Tab
231. Show Favorites Expanded Set Internet Explorer to Full Screen - Undo
232. Lift Screen Saver Restrictions - Admin Change Screen Saver Automatically
233. Enable Single Click to Open an Item Enable Drag and Drop
234. Automatically Resize Image in IE Window AutoPlay Repair Tool
235. Restore Help and Support Service Set Splash Screen to None - Remove OEM
236. Appearance/Effects - Restore Smooth Edges Enable or Disable Clear Type under Effects
237. Change Hard Drive Icon in Explorer Alt-Tab Replacement PowerToy
238. Disable Update Checks for Internet Explorer Remove Keylogger Reg Files
239. Disable Local Stylesheets in Internet Explorer Close Command Greyed Out in IE and WE
240. Programs Aren't Minimized in the Taskbar Restore My Music Folder on the Start Menu
241. Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools Restore Choose Program - Open With
242. Set the "Save Attachments" Default in OE Disable Background Notice Balloon in Messenger
243. Allow Changes Being Made to Taskbar Taskbar Toolbar Menu is Greyed Out - Restore
244. Disable File Deleted Confirmation - Undo Remove Restriction on Recycle Bin Size Limit
245. Remove the ">" from OE Forwarded E-Mail Set the Address Bar to IE/XP Default
246. Restore Show Desktop Icons Context Menu TweakUI with XP SP1 - TweakUI without SP1
247. Set IE to Check for Default Browser Enable the Favorites Wizard Restriction
248. Enable or Disable Scroll Programs Clear Page File on Exit - Undo
249. Set Default XP Font Back to Tahoma Restore My Network Places to the Desktop
250. List Loaded and Installed Device Drivers Restore Hotmail, Outlook and OE under Programs
251. Outlook Express - Reply At End Specify Exe Files to be Lauched by Winlogon
252. Download OE Quote Fix Restore Remote Access Connection Manager
253. Lan Settings- Proxy Server - Disable PSP Thumbnail Handler - Paint Shop Pro
254. Remove JRE - Sun TreatAs Entry Disable or Enable Downloads per User in IE
255. Restore Group Policy Snap-In My Documents Folder Opens Upon Boot (for C:)
256. Restore the Control Panel - Disable : Current , Local, Both Effects Options are Greyed Out - Appearance
257. Remote Procedure Call Worm A-E - Edit Win XP Security Patch: Buffer Overrun In RPC e
258. Remove the W32.Randex.E Worm Do you have a 32 or 64 bit in XP? Exe or VBS
259. Online Virus Scanner:  Trend - Symantec Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus Software
260. Open New IE Window is Blank - Fix System32 Folder Opens Upon Boot
261. List of Startup Programs Running at Login Restrict Desktop Theme Controls
262. Remove W32. Sobig.F Worm Prevent Manipulations of the Taskbar
263. Disable Default Save As to My Pictures Restore WinlogonUserinit
264. Restore Missing Tabs to Task Manager Access Denied - CD Rom, Floppy, Removable
265. Default XP Calculator Enlarged Restore Search to the Context Menu
266. Prevent Prompting for Hotfix KB828026 Lock Internet Explorer Toolbar Options in Place
267. Restore "Turn Off  and Log Off" - Start Menu Restart the Shell Automatically
268. Restore All Tabs under Internet Options Restore RasMan Service to Automatic
269. Disable or Enable Resize Graphic - Send To Hide Start Up Scripts
270. Connect To - Restore Options Restrict Changes Made to Connections - Undo
271. Stuck in Classic View?  Undo Now Notepad with Spell Check and More
272. Remove Network Places - Undo Prevent Prompting for Hotfix Q811493
273. Outlook Mail Counter on Welcome Screen Restore Offline Files Tab - Folder Options
274. Repair the Office XP Shortcut Bar/Buttons Add Open New Browser Window to IE Toolbar
275. Lift Restrictions - TM, Regedit and CMD Search for Network Folders and Printers - Undo
276. Enable/Disable My Computer Icon Enable/Disable Taskbar Grouping
277. Enable or Disable Thumbnail View Restore Show Net Connections - Connect To
278. Restore/Enable System Restore - Undo Disable Start Menu Pin To List - Enable
279. Clear File Name MRU Change/Customize Branding in Outlook Express
280. Restore Defrag.Exe W32.Swen.A@mm Removal Tool
281. Disable the Floppy Drive - Enable OETune Sets Individual Sounds To Mail Folders
282. Enable the Appearance Tab - Display Disable All Internet Explorer Toolbars - Undo
283. Restore Content Advisor to Default Settings Add the Outlook 2003 Icon to the Desktop
284. Restore or Remove Manage - Context Menu Reveal Hidden Dll Files/Icons - Undo
285. Restore/Replace the Manage CLSID Default Restore All Display Tabs - Remove All Display Tabs & Icon
286. Restore the "New" Context Menu to Default Search asks for Office CD
287. Restore Download to Directory Setting Restore Search - Indexing Service
288. Restore Cryptographic Service - CryptSvc Add Run in Separate Memory - 16 bit
289. Start Menu - Enable Restore System Restore Service
290. Hide Inactive Icons - Greyed Out Open My Computer - Double Pane or Single Pane
291. Restore Defrag Snap-In Restore My Computer Manage
292. Update Rollup 1for XP View All Running Processes
293. Remove Media Player from Toolbars - Undo QHosts Removal Tool
294. Prevent Check Disk Upon Boot - Undo Hide or Show Notification Area Icons
295. Lift Active Desktop Restrictions Suppress Online Media Content via the Media Bar
296. Lift MMC/GPEDIT Snap-In Restrictions Cannot Create Toolbar (QL) - .REG or .VBS
297. Disable the Taskbar Context Menus Remove Taskbar/ Start Menu from Control Panel
298. Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! Hide System Clock - Undo
299. List Administrative Tools in Control Panel Microsoft Glossary and Acronyms
300. Restore the Machine Debug Manager Enable or Disable the Outlook Express Toolbar
301. Lock XP with Fast User Switching Enabled Restore .ico File Associations
302. Disable CMD Require Alphanumeric Windows Password
303. Hide Share Passwords with Asterisks Disable the Windows XP Tour
304. Cardfile Replacement of MS cardfile.exe Show Window Contents While Dragging - Undo
305. Set .vbs Files to Open as Default Set Txtfile to Default to Notepad
306. Decryption of  XP Files Clear Recent Media Player List - Undo
307. Disable Monitor Power-off on Logon Screen Save Attachments OE - Greyed Out
308. Clear Run Commands Selectively Restore Wordpad.Exe
309. Restore Accessories - Start Menu/All Prog Outlook - Minimize To System Tray
310. Restore Services to Default Messenger Service Add
311. Doug's Windows XP Security Console NCS Account View/Account Management
312. Save User Name and Password Greyed Out Restrict Author Mode in MMC
313. CWShredder version 2.1 IE Crashes - Browse in New Process
314. File Associations are Greyed Out Remove Properties from My Computer
315. Maximize Help and Support - Undo OE - Read in Plain Text Only
316. Show Network Icon When Connected Sound Icon - Enable
317. Aida32 Final Release Scan for Hardware Changes
318. Disable View of C Drive - Undo Remove Copy To/Move To
319. End/Refresh Process on Explorer.Exe Show only IE URLS - Undo
320. Restore Volume/Net Icon to Notification Area Clock: Day/Month/Date/Year/Time
321. Tool Tips Hidden Behind Taskbar W32.Sasser Removal Tool
322. Remove Toolbar Restriction A File Named ~ Appears on the Desktop
323. Add or Remove Programs Appears to Stop Responding 16-bit COM Applications Stop Responding
324. The NET SEND Command May Not Work Correctly You cannot Start a Program with an .exe Extension
325. Snap-in Creation Failed  (gpedit.msc) Restore CMD File Association
326. Restore Notepad.exe Run Command Creator
327. How to Use the SPCheck Tool in Windows XP Restore Play All
328. Solving msdart.dll Problems Delete/Copy by Owner Utility for Windows XP
329. Task Manager - High or Normal Windows Memory Diagnostic
330. Restore Single Click Underline Icons Test for USB2
331. Remove Browser Objects - Place in Startup Folder DBXtract Extracts all Mail/News Messages
332. Look2Me Uninstaller DotNetInstaller.exe is Missing
333. Plus! for Win XP Recovering XP using the Recovery Console
334. How to Set up a Custom 404 Error Page XP Service Controller
335. Breakdown list of Unknown Devices Two Windows Update Tabs - System Properties
336. Pinball - Restore Hide Applications from Add or Remove
337. Temporarily Disable XP Service Pack 2 Install Restore Change or Remove Programs
338. Restore USB Service Restore the Security Center Service
339. XP WebWallpaper Defaults Remove Print Directory
340. Data Recovery - Restorer2000 Disable Standby
341. Show All Drive Letters After the Label Show All Drive Letters Before the Label
342. Show Network Letter Before - Drive Letter After Never Show Drive Letters
343. Hide Connections Tab - Per User - Per System Restore the Missing "File" Menu
344. Help and Support Default in XP Restore Calc.Exe
345. Dialog Boxes are Blank - Winnt - Windows Remove Help and Support Search History
346. For Everything Else Error Message:  MS-DOS or 16-bit Windows-based program
347. Cleaning up after installing SP2 Back Button Not Working Properly and Host File Issue
348. Send To Desktop (Create Shortcut) Fix Windows Installer Issues
349. Restore Winsock - Fix Right Click -  Error
350. SHCreateThreadRef Could Not Be Located (SHLWAPI.dll) ToolTips do not Display Complete Info - Network Share
351. Test Your SP2 Pop-up Blocker SHERLOCK - The Codec Detective!
352. Connect to the Internet After Installing a Modem Remove ASPNET from Welcome Screen for Auto Logon
353. Bandwidth Monitor - with Notification Area Icon Fix Save As Type from .JPEG to .JPG
354. Date 2 File or Directory or VB Script/Batch Auto End Tasks per User or Per System
355. Change RDP-Tcp Port Number Restore Search to the Context Menu
356. Remove Network Places from Windows Explorer - Undo Problems Opening PDF Files in Internet Explorer
357. Disable the Desktop Top Wizard Set the Default Browser for your User Profile
358. Preview all file types via Display Properties - Without tags Junction Link Magic -  Creating Target Folders
359. Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Restore Offline Cache Index.dat
360. Current User Search Assistant Key - Written for C and Winnt Fix No Ping Command
361. List of Processes under the Task Manager Shell Extensions Manager
362. Default Service Status - Double Click for Service Info Scancode Mapper
363. Enable Flash for IE - Disable Flash for IE Search Text - .SQL
364. Enable Autorun Disable Menu Bars and the Start Button
365. Remove WMP Start Menu Shortcuts for new Users - Undo Update for DRM-enabled Media Players
366. StatBar - System Status Bar Disable  Installer - Enable Installer
367. OE - Reset Compact Check Count to 0 - Undo Optimize Hard Drive When Idle - Undo
368. Folder Options/View Empty - Restore Now Internet Explorer - New Process - Per User or Per System
369. Prevent MS Tools - KB890830 from reinstalling Prevent KB890859 from being Reinstalled
370. Sun Java On - MS Java On RunAs - Encrypted
371. Restore Sound - Windows Audio Service Taskbar : Control/Select Order
372. Quick Restore Point Adding sites to the Allow list
373. Shutdown Event Tracker - Add to Event Viewer Add Run Programs to Recent Documents
374. Security Center Alert Settings - Enable or Disable Restore the .reg file
375. Event Log Explorer MSEvents.MSEvents  - remove
376. Slow Network - File/Shared/Remote Reset Default Settings of HTML Help Control
377. Dell My Way Search Assistant Uninstaller Cryptographic Service Fix - Torgeir Bakken
378. Restore Accounts under Tools for OE No Update Check in IE - Undo
379. OpenExpert- Open With Submenu Address, Lan, MP, Links:  Remove - Restore
380. Restore Directory and Folder Shell Norton Removal Tool
381. Event Viewer Redirect:   Apply - Undo Recover Product Keys of Win and MS Office
382. HijackThis.Exe  
383. Disable User Tracking - Enable HP's Share-to-Web Software - Fix 
384. Show Updates - Don't Show Killbox.Exe - Awesome Tool
385. Ctfmon.Exe: Remove - Restore Disable Send To from the Context Menu - Undo
386. All Users.Windows - Replace Default Firewall On - Firewall Off
387. Disable Paging Executive Removable Devices- AutoPlay:  Off  or On
388. USB Drive Letter Manager  
389. Shortcut to Run, Min All, UndoMin All Disable Automatic Delivery of of IE 7
390. Restore Msagent Folder VBS Restore
391. Disable Writing to Pen Drives - Enable Disable Error Mode
392. 2007 DST Fix - English Systems Enable/Disable - Network Connection
393. Removes ALL the Spyware Spyware Cleaners that WORK!
394. File Research Center Remove/Restore Network Icon - System Tray
395. Remove or Restore "New" Context Menu Add Control Panel - Start Button (Right Click)
396. Add Recycle Bin to Folder Options Add "Crash Windows" to Folder Options
397. Hotfix Request Web Submission Form Remove Accessibility Options from CP
398. Pin Folder to Start Menu - Shift/Right Click/Pin Using Win98 Plus! on XP
399. Always wait for network Enable - Disable Restore CD/DVD in Explorer
400. USB Port Fix IPOD Fix
401. Enable or Disable WMP Screen Saver PV Desktop Manager Toolbar - Remove
402. Restore Active Desktop - IE7 Remove Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit
403. Restore All Users - All Programs FileOpenPatcher - ElmueSoft
404. Prevent Autorun.inf Virus Screen Saver Enable or Disable
405. Show Newly Installed Programs Restore Blue Tooth - Control Panel
406. Local Users and Groups - Hide / Undo Task Manager Minimize on Use - Undo
407. Enable/Disable Prefetcher Uninstall the XCP Software - RootKit
408. IE7 - Fix Run Once SP3 Removes IE Desktop Shortcut - Fix
409. Windows XP Product Key Modifier Remove Locked Regfiles - RegDelNull
410. CFTMON.EXE Remover (all versions) Fix IE7 Drag and Drop
411. Release/Renew/Flush/Register DNS Fix Slow Hotkeys
412. AutoRun Eater - Can't find Recycler.... Stop the Reboot nag screen after Windows Updates
413. Hide All Notification Icons - Near Clock Disable Messenger from MS Client - Undo
414. Tips on Cleaning Up Spyware, etc.... View Taskbar Groups Vertically - WinKey + D to undo
415. SpamWise RoboView Prevent Prompting for Hotfix KB960859
416. Click here to scan for Windows Registry Errors  


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